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Our Strategy 2020-25

In developing this strategy we listened to the views of hundreds of colleagues, public governors and partner organisations and considered feedback on services from patients and their families. In all of these conversations, it was clear people felt deeply proud of Sheffield Children’s, and colleagues showed an absolute commitment to providing the very best care for children and young people.

We won’t leave behind the great achievements and proud history of Sheffield Children’s, but we’re ready to go further and aspire to even greater things for the people who work for us and the families we serve.

Our purpose remains unchanged – we are still here to “Provide a healthier future for children and young people” – but our aims are big, bold and focus us on what really matters.

As well as pride, there was also a strong sense of ambition. Our colleagues wanted to do even more to support families, and help more children live healthier lives. They also wanted to do more to support each other. And both inside and outside the organisation, people expressed frustration that Sheffield Children’s was too humble and not receiving the recognition they believe it deserves.
This strategy embodies the sense of ambition we heard in those conversations.

Over the next five years we will focus on three areas:

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